The project

Revive the windmill

Our association has the ambition to identically rebuild the Windmill, which had become an infamous strategic target during the Great War, and to make of it a true international meeting place.

All that is left of the old Windmill is a grass covered mound which you can only guess the presence of its rubble just under the surface. A protected Australian memorial, the Windmill Site is situated on the Northern end of Pozieres, along the D929 Road which links Bapaume and Amiens.

The Battle for Pozieres Ridge

For two weeks, between the end of July and the beginning of August 1916, Australian soldiers fought ferociously to capture the Windmill site from German grip. This area, essential to the British army, had to be captured to enable a counter plan to capture the village of Thiepval. The German army had orders to keep their positions at all cost, because these positions

protected them from being observed by the enemy, especially on their back trenches around Thiepval. At the cost of heavy losses, Australian forces took over the positions during the night of the 5th and 6th of August 1916 and, despite enemy efforts to recapture the lost terrain, they held their positions with great determination, the carcass of the Windmill.

Pourquoi ?
Why reconstuct the windmill?

Offering a location where nations can meet to exchange and share, the new Windmill will have an interactive area dedicated to history and the memory of these men of all nationalities who took part in this bloody battle during the summer of 1916.

Together with the villages which surround Pozieres and some are kilometres away, the presence of the rebuilt windmill, would immediately situate the presence of the badly devastated village, and forever materialize the terrible fights during the “Windmill Battle”.

Other than giving Pozieres the familiar form of the winged giant, the reconstructed Windmill will also offer the possibility to rediscover the forgotten milling activity which lasted three centuries in this village.

Où ?
Where will the windmill be built?

The new windmill will obviously not be built on the original site. It will be built just behind the current Australian memorial, on the corner of road D929 and the road to Courcelette, in the heart of a wooded park.

Comment ?
How will the windmill be built?

Using the original drawings of the windmill, the building will be reconstructed identically using traditional materials, and using building technics from that period, all whilst respecting construction and safety norms used today.

Our actions

Yesterday's enemies, today's friends

To have the reconstruction project publicized and promoted, our association organizes various cultural actions and events around a strong message of reconciliation and peace.

This message had a familiar echo during the Windmill Battle, the 5th of August 1916. During an attack under heavy fire, the Australian Captain Percy Herbert Cherry and a German officer threw themselves to the ground to avoid sniper bullets. As they got back up, they found themselves face to face, and fire at each other both at the same time. The German bullet ricocheted off Cherry’s helmet, the Australian bullet fatally wounding the German officer who collapses. Cherry approaches his agonizing opponent. The officer takes a packet of letters out of his pocket and asks his enemy, in a perfect English, to post them for him. The Australian promises him that he would as the German officer helplessly passes away before him.

Lastest actions

Visiting the windmills of Dosches and Valmy

Saturday 9 of March 2013

along with the architect Erwin Schriver

Civic Service Engagement

Our association has taken measures to take on a volunteer to help assemble the feasibility proposal of our project


Support the project

Do you want to help? Join our association for the Reconstruction of the Pozieres Windmill. There is no time to waste, participate in our actions and bring your support to raise the winged giant.

To be able to carry out this ambitious project, our association needs your help whether you are an individual or a company representative. Together, rebuild the windmill thanks to:

Du temps

Time that you have spent into allowing the project to advance.

Des dons

Your financial contribution thanks to donations.

Un savoir-faire

Your know-how which will help to contribute to the project’s development.

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