Rised the winged giant

Our association wishes to revive the Pozieres Windmill memory by rebuilding it next to its still existing foundations, which are protected and has become a Commonwealth Memorial site.

Lifted by the 90th Battle of the Somme anniversary commemorations and the light and sound show in Pozieres, Jean-Pierre Delattre had the idea to bring back the project to rebuild the Windmill into the spotlight. Very passionate by the village’s history where he grew up, along with some childhood friends, “the Windmill Reconstruction Association” was formed in Pozieres in 2007.

Our association wishes to unite French, Australians and Germans around this ambitious Remembrance project.

It’s supported by the French National Office of Veteran Affairs (ONACVG) as well as the National Federation of French Veterans in Germany and Austria (FNAFFAA).

Suffering from a long-term illness, Jean-Pierre Delattre decided to transfer the association into the hands of his brother, Bernard, to continue his action. Bernard Delattre kept his promise and became President of the association. Surrounded by a hard working team whose efforts are to make the reconstruction of the Windmill a symbolic place where former enemies can meet.


Retracing Pozieres' history

Whilst working hard for the Windmill’s revival, our association members would like to rediscover an important part of the village’s identity and enrich the cultural heritage of our region.

Bernard Delattre
Bernard Delattre

Under his school teacher’s and family’s influences, since childhood, Bernard Delattre has been dynamically participating and giving tremendous amounts of his time into the First World War Commemorations in Pozieres. After having spent five years as a “Green Beret” in the National Navy as Navy Commando, he then

successful undertook a career in the police force, ending with the rank of Commander. Whilst never forgetting the duty of remembrance. For this purpose, Bernard supports his brother, in creating the Windmill Reconstruction Association. He will pursue his brother’s goal to whom he promised to never abandon the project.

Joël Pelletier
Joël Pelletier

Living and working as a farmer in Pozieres, Joël Pelletier is a history buff, a passion which was passed down by his father at a very young age. The First World War occupies a very important place in his village where monuments and battlefields have become a place of pilgrimage

for many British families. Joël Pelletier is very attached to this history and heritage, as well as the more distant past of Pozieres. He has become very involved in giving back to the village its Windmill, the only building that wasn’t rebuilt after the war.

Régis Pariset
Régis Pariset

After having grown up in Pozieres where his family held a bakery, Régis Pariset has a career as financial inspector. His background naturally led him to becoming treasurer for the association. Other than the interest he has for his

parents work, his engagement is also linked to a passion for history. Although the flour used by his father, was no longer produced in Pozieres, he wishes to remind the village the role of the windmill played in its everyday life.

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